When you experience magic every day, where do you go from there?

Magician Scott Lesovic knows…
you take others along for a magical ride.

Imagine being 4 years old, seeing a magician perform miracles on TV, and making a life decision that Magic was to be your chosen career path.  Sound impossible?  Well not for professional magician Scott Lesovic.

Scott first got bit with the magic bug at the age of 4, while watching David Copperfield perform on one of his national TV specials.  Inspired by what he saw, the young Scott attempted to duplicate Copperfield’s trick showing everyone he came in contact with, whether he knew them or not.  This was Scott’s taste of being in the spot light.  Furthering his interest in the art of prestidigitation, Scott’s parents, Edward & Rose Marie, bought him, his first magic set at the age of five.  Overwhelmed, by how much magic was in one little box, Scott DOVE IN head first and thus began the pursuit of a career in conjuring.

By age 7 – he was now performing in front of audiences of friends & family as well as his fellow scout members – something that Scott would also develop into a passion, his love for outdoors and scouting.

Off in the woods, Scott honed his magic performing for the scouts and leaders at Heritage Reservation, a Boy Scout camp.  As part of the camp staff, he used his magical talents not only to purely entertain, but also calm homesick scouts and convince them to stay on for the week.  Scott stretched his show building skills by making magic to fit the different themes that rotated through the camp each year.  He performed as Merlin the Wizard from King Arthur’s Court, snake oil salesman from the Wild West.  During the 9 years working at the camp, Scott  grew not only in magic, but teaching, business, and first aid.  Somewhere in that mix, he found the time to continue on his own scouting career and earned the rank of Eagle Scout, something only 2% of all Boy Scouts ever achieve.

During the winter months, Scott works on an ambulance.  He uses his talents in magic and showmanship to calm scared children and adults alike during a potentially frightening emergency situation while still doing every physical thing possible to care for that person.

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