Discover How to Supercharge Your Next Party with Laughter, Fun, and Entertainment Your Whole Family Will Love!

Professional magician Scott Lesovic will get your guests involved in mind blowing magic that they will remember for years.

Imagine a birthday party so filled with laughter and joy that your child remembers it forever. Impossible?

I guarantee it! Your child is the star in an entertainment package that features comedy, magic, storytelling, and free gifts for all the kids.


Magic Treo

Welcome to Guileful Magic.  This is the website of professional magician Scott Lesovic.  Scott is based is southwestern Pennsylvania.  Take a look around the site, and drop a message in the contact form if you have any questions.

Scott provides entertainment that all can enjoy.

  • Guests get involved and socialize more
  • Guests enjoy mind-blowing entertainment
  • Guests remember your fun event for years